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Learn how to DJ with one on one private tuition from a professional DJ with over 20 year experience.

We bring the DJ school to you... Learn to DJ on your own DJ equipment with your own music at your own pace and most of all have fun doing it! Don’t have your own DJ equipment or missing a component/s - no worries, we can bring the gear you need for your DJ lessons. The service area for DJ lessons cover Melbourne metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Affordable DJ tuition for all ages at your premises. DJ courses are tailored to suit the needs of students at any level - from beginner to intermediate to advanced - with flexible session times to fit in with your schedule.

You can choose from one or more of the following DJ courses:

- Digital DJ lessons
- Vinyl DJ lessons
- Traktor DJ software lessons
- Serato DJ software lessons
- Rekordbox DJ software lessons
- and more...

All DJ lessons cover a range of items including:

- DJ equipment setup and use
- Track structure
- Track cueing and cue points
- Mixing techniques
- Beat matching and pitch control
- EQ and FX (effects)
- Looping and samples
- Harmonic (key) mixing
- Scratching
- Set preparation
- and more...

We can put as much or as little focus on each individual DJ lesson item above (and/or others not listed) to suit as required.

Group DJ lessons also available.

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